The Landing@Marsden offers what many long for but seldom find: A seaside location where you can enjoy a relaxed approach to life away from the hustle and bustle, yet the convenience of nearby amenities to satisfy the most urban lifestyle. Add realistic land prices to the equation and it's little wonder why this slice of paradise is becoming such a popular destination.

Whether you're looking for the beachy lifestyle after a short commute from Whangarei, or it's time to retire, put your feet up and relax, the Landing@Marsden offers plenty for those who enjoy the wide open spaces.

With a number of boat ramps to suit most conditions, or moorings at the marina just moments away, the only excuse you'll have not to get out for a sail, fish or dive is if the swell's up and you're hitting the waves at Ruakaka.

While you're there, you can stock up on essentials, enjoy a spot of shopping or meet friends for a meal out.

On your return, you can take in the stunning views north to Mount Manaia. Local legend claims that the five key rock formations represent five people, who appear to be running an eerie race across the mountain top, are the paramount chief Manaia, his two children, Pito the beautiful wife he stole from the chief Hautatu, and the aggrieved Hautatu in pursuit brandishing his mere (stone weapon). All five figures were turned to stone as they were struck by lightning by the God of Weather, Tāwhirimātea.